Yellowstone to Install Barriers to Combat Aquatic Invasive Species

Yellowstone officials are ramping up their efforts to combat aquatic invasive species such as mussels—by modifying their boat ramps.

Boaters coming to Yellowstone National Park this summer will find “movable barriers” in front of the boat launches onto Yellowstone Lake in Bridge Bay and Grant Village. Barriers will also be installed at the Lewis Lake ramp.

The news comes a week after Yellowstone officials announced stricter watercraft guidelines, including more stringent inspections and cleaning methods.  Click on the following sentences below to access two different stories.

“We’ve had positive hits in the Missouri [River], in the Great Falls area,” [Yellowstone fisheries supervisor Todd] Koel said during an April meeting. “For us, that’s local. It’s a few hours away. We’re pretty worried about it.”

“We don’t want to be known as the park that allowed zebra mussels to enter the Columbia Basin.”


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