Quagga Mussels Cause Stir Among State, Federal Agencies

Federal officials say Arizona isn’t doing enough to contain the spread of quagga mussels.

Multiple state and federal agencies are expected to meet next Wednesday in Lake Havasu City to address the growing threat posed by Arizona’s aquatic invasive species.

“Existing watercraft inspection and decontamination efforts are not sufficient to contain the spread of quagga mussels on watercraft from the Lower Colorado River,” BLM spokeswoman Stephanie Carman wrote in a September email.

According to Carman, the meeting is intended to bring federal, state, tribal and local agencies together with stakeholders to develop and draft a Lower Colorado River strategy to contain invasive mussels. Carman said she expects a coordinated, area-wide containment effort by all parties, focusing on inspection and decontamination of long-term watercraft including outreach, education and inspection.  Click on the following paragraph to access the full story.

“All western states have boater stations and boater stops to inspect for invasive species,” said Marine Association President Jim Salscheider. “Arizona doesn’t. Western states want Arizona to have them, but I don’t know how they’ll deal with it. It would take a lot of effort, and a huge amount of money.”


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