Ohio State Representative Supports Effort to Stop Spread of Asian Carp

State Rep. Michael Sheehy (D. House District 46) recently expressed support for a congressional effort to stop the spread of Asian carp in the Great Lakes.  Sheehy, whose district includes Jerusalem Township, Oregon and parts of Toledo in The Press circulation area, introduced similar legislation in the House in 2014.

His support for the federal legislation comes after some members of Congress from both parties are calling on the Army Corps of Engineers to close an artificial connection between the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes – a thoroughfare for the invasive carp to enter the Great Lakes basins.  Sheehy called the spread of Asian carp an “environmental crisis.”  Click on the following sentence to access the full story.

“Taking proactive steps to prevent the spread of invasive species of carp is certainly the most cost-effective strategy in preserving the agricultural, economic and cultural value in our Great Lake,” said Sheehy. “I’m encouraged to find that Lake Erie’s allies in Congress are standing with us to protect the Midwest’s most precious economic resource.”


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