Keeping invasive mussels out of Glacier

The presence of non-native, invasive mussel larvae discovered in 2016 in central Montana created a ripple effect of concern throughout the state, including Glacier National Park. As a result, the park is taking measures to ensure these mussels do not contaminate the pristine lakes.

“This summer we have a boat closure for all motorized and trailered watercraft because they pose the greatest threat,” said Lauren Alley, Public Affairs Officer for Glacier National Park.  Click on the following paragraph to access the full story.

While there are native mussels in Montana, the potential arrival of the zebra or quagga mussels spell big trouble for healthy water. Being free of predators of any sort, these nuisance species reproduce exponentially clinging to natural and man-made structures. They ruin boat docks, make beaches and lake bottoms impossible to walk upon without footwear because of their jagged nature, and consume the zooplankton in the water to the point that compromises the fisheries’ food source.


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