Invasive Species Haven’t Made the Bering Sea Their Home…Yet

Native species are well adapted to living in the challenging environment of the Bering Sea, but increased shipping means there are more opportunities for invasive species to hitch a ride in. And as the waters warm, the ecosystem will become more hospitable making it easier for them to settle.

Zoologist Jesika Reimer is part of a team studying the threat.

“What we really wanted to do was look at what invasive species have the potential to arrive,” Reimer said. “We wanted to know where should we be looking for them — so, what ports are getting a lot of traffic? And we wanted to know if a species arrives, can it survive?”  Click on the following two sentences to access the full story.

The reason to focus on the Bering Sea was twofold. First, there aren’t really invasive species there yet and second, it’s one of the largest commercial fisheries in the world and serves as a link to the Arctic.


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