Invasive Species Eat Little Plankton and Cause Big Problems

With increased globalization, our world has seen unprecedented levels of connectivity resulting in human-caused spread and introduction of organisms. This rapid dispersal of species at both temporal and spatial scales can result in invasive species which have severe negative consequences for the natural function of our ecosystems (Cardinale et al. 2012, Ricciardi et al. 2013). In fact, invasive species are considered a leading threat to global biodiversity, ecosystem function, and services important to humanity including clean water and food production (Bellard et al. 2016, Russell and Blackburn 2017).  Click on the following  paragraph to access the full story.

Furthermore, food web modifications have been shown to influence resources spanning ecosystem boundaries onto the land through aquatic insect emergence (Collins and Wahl 2017) and could hypothetically influence predatory birds relying on a fish based diet. 


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