How Invasive Species Are Changing The Planet

Invasive species aren’t “new” news. They’ve made headlines for decades, and in some cases, caused real problems. Take Wisconsin for example, where species like common buckthorn, the emerald ash borer and the jumping worm have wreaked havoc.

But what has changed, according to our guest, is the conversation we have about invasive species and the urgency associated with it. Join us as we look at how invasives affect our planet and what’s ahead as we try to prevent their spread and manage them.  Click on the following two links to access the full story.

How have invasive species affected your communities?

Remote Bouvet Island, a tiny, glacier-smothered landmass in the South Atlantic rimmed by 500-meter-tall cliffs, has a notable distinction: It’s the only known spot on Earth, scientists say, that has zero invasive species.


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