Get Ready, Get Set, STOP Aquatic exotics

Get ready, get set, go and river users are off at the start of river season on Memorial Day! The Connecticut River Conservancy asks all river users to protect the Connecticut River and its tributaries from exotic plants and animals. Whether you use a powerboat, row, canoe, kayak, wade, swim, fish or sail, all river enthusiasts have an individual responsibility to protect the Connecticut River and its tributaries from the introduction of exotic aquatic species. Click on the following paragraph to access the full story.

There are no “fixes” once exotics are in our waters. Once exotics establish themselves in a new habitat they propagate more quickly than native species. If these invaders find their new surroundings welcoming, they explode because they do not face their usual predators. In their uncontrolled explosions, exotics deny native species their usual habitat. They also create problems for humans; just ask anyone living on a lake where Eurasian milfoil or water chestnut has taken hold and choked their lake or ask someone responsible for keeping a water intake pipe open in the presence of zebra mussels.


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