Felt vs. Rubber – Yellowstone revives debate as it considers banning felt soles in park waters

Anglers are well aware of a universal truth: Rocks are slippery. That’s how we got the invention of felt-soled wading boots, an alternative to rubber soles meant to give anglers better footing while reeling in a lunker.

Felt soles are popular, but they’ve also become a target. Microscopic organisms can hide in the fibrous weave of the sole and hitch a ride to a new river, making the boots a possible vehicle for spreading aquatic invasive species.

Now, a year after the Yellowstone River fish kill and after Montana discovered invasive mussels in some of its waters, Yellowstone National Park is considering banning felt soles.  Click on the following sentence to access the full story.

“Right now we still have an opportunity to prevent a lot of these things from coming,” Koel said. “This is one way we can go about doing that.”


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