Corps of Engineers Consults Grateful Dead and Their Legendary Wall of Sound to Fight Asian Carp (Sic)

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is recommending a new weapon in its arsenal defending the Great Lakes from invading Asian carp: a high-tech sound system to scare the critters away (and they consulted the Grateful Dead and their legendary Wall of Sound for advice – just kidding).

The Corps has used an underwater network of electric fences for about 15 years, but the fish have been inching closer to the Great Lakes, threatening native species and the $7 billion fishing industry.  Click on the following three sentences below to access the full story.

“The various noises that this complex noise would create would deter the fish from coming to that area,” said Allen Marshall, a spokesman for the Corps of Engineers.

Scientists say if the carp reach the Great Lakes, they could devastate a $7 billion fishing industry by crowding out native species.

“I’m glad that the corps report is now finally done, but now it’s up to Congress to act to fund it, and I’m hopeful that we can do this, perhaps in the major infrastructure bill, which will be bipartisan, coming to Congress probably later this year.”


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