Colorado’s congressional delegation tells Trump administration it needs help fighting invasive mussels in Green Mountain Reservoir

Nearly every member of Colorado’s congressional delegation has signed a letter to the Trump administration asking for help with the emerging crisis of tiny invasive mussel larvae found in Green Mountain Reservoir.

News broke last month that the quagga mussel larvae were discovered in the Summit County body of water. The mussels, when grown, can clog pipes, harm fish and hamper hydroelectric power generation.

Once an outbreak begins, it often spreads quickly and can be hard — if not impossible — to stop.  Click on the following the paragraph to access the full story.

“We urge you to respond rapidly, deploy available resources and work with the state and local communities to prevent this initial detection from growing into a full infestation,” the delegation wrote to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke. “A rapid response is critical during the window of opportunity immediately after the detection of invasive species.”


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