Illinois’ Lt. Governor Floats a River Plan

Another proposed step to prevent Asian carp in the Illinois River from invading the Great Lakes needs a careful look, Illinois Lt. Gov. Evelyn Sanguinetti said Monday morning aboard the twin-screw tugboat “Windy City” while it plied the Illinois River at Ottawa.

In July, the Army Corps of Engineers released a new carp control system that would be installed at the Brandon Roads Lock and Dam on the Des Plaines River in Joliet. It would combine an electric barrier, complex noise, water jets and other features to create an additional barrier in blocking the carp.

There is universal agreement that a carp invasion of the Great Lakes would be a catastrophe. But Sanguinetti, the head of the Illinois River Coordinating Council, questions whether the proposed approach is correct.  Click on the following two and the video below links to access the full story.

“We need to balance all interests concerned,” she told The Times. “We need to look at the taxpayer, and we need to take a look at industry and the environment.”

Does Army Corps invasive species strategy go far enough to protect Great Lakes & Mississippi Basins?

Video:  Floating and promoting the state’s plan on the Illinois River


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