Army Corps unveils $275M plan to battle Asian carp

After months of prodding from bipartisan members of the Michigan delegation and others, the Trump administration on Monday released a long-awaited report on a $275 million plan to control the invasive Asian carp before it reaches the Great Lakes.

The report by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers lays out tentative measures that include placement of a new electric barrier and underwater speakers generating “complex noise” to deter Asian carp from traveling beyond the lock and dam at Brandon Road near Joliet, Illinois.  Click on the following two links to access the full story.

The plan for Brandon Road also calls for using water-propulsion jets, a specially engineered channel and a flushing lock. The Army Corps expects it would cover 65 percent of project costs, with an unidentified, non-federal sponsor covering the remainder.

Army Corps ‘gauntlet’ aims to halt spread of Asian carp


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