Texas PWD Acts to Stop Giant Salvinia in Lake Nacogdoches

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) inland fisheries staff found a total of 30 acres of invasive giant salvinia in multiple locations at Lake Nacogdoches Feb. 5.

Within days of the discovery of a half-acre of giant salvinia at the Yellow Bank Creek cove, the TPWD Brookeland aquatic habitat enhancement team (AHE) deployed to the reservoir and found a larger infestation where Little Bayou Loco enters the reservoir. Those areas will be treated with a combination of giant salvinia weevils and careful application of contact herbicide on larger mats of the invasive plant.  Click on the following paragraph to access the full story.

It’s likely the giant salvinia traveled to Lake Nacogdoches by way of a visiting watercraft in the summer of 2017, Findeisen added. Similar to the most recent infestation at Lake Fork, staff believe there is enough giant salvinia scattered throughout the lake that eradication would be almost impossible at this point.  “We will be treating the larger mats of giant salvinia to manage the infestation the best we can,” Findeisen said. “But we still need boaters, anglers and duck hunters to do their part and be diligent about cleaning, draining and drying their equipment when traveling from lake to lake – especially in East Texas where invasive species like giant salvinia thrive.”


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