Siren-like invasive toad call may cause Sao Paulo house prices to drop

The siren-like call of a species of toad introduced into Brazil from the Antilles islands may result in a “sharp drop” in house prices in a São Paulo neighbourhood, according to a study on invasive species.

The tiny toad — about 3 centimetres long and known to scientists as Eleutherodactylus johnstonei — reached Brazil through the international trade in plants, according to the study, published in PLoS One. It can reproduce in shallow water, which gives it a great invasive potential, and produces a deafening sound similar to that of a siren.   Click on the following sentence to access the full story.

“It is necessary to invest in the control of these animals in these regions,” adds Prado, who did not participate in the study. Control measures vary from capturing them manually or using traps to poisoning by spraying chemicals. 


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