Saskatchewan Still Free of Invasive Mussels

Saskatchewan continues to remain free of invasive mussels.  The government said Tuesday that no zebra or quagga mussels were found in 90 bodies of water that were tested during 2017.  Zebra mussels and quagga mussels are almost impossible to eliminate if they become established in waterways and can severely impact aquatic habitats, fisheries, recreational resources and water-related infrastructures.

As part of its invasive mussels monitoring program, 1,212 inspections were carried out by Saskatchewan conservation officers of watercraft entering the province.  Click on the following two sentences to access the full story.

“Prevention is of the utmost importance,” Saskatchewan Environment Minister Dustin Duncan said in a release.  “Our government focuses on public awareness through education and targeted signage about our clean, drain, dry program, roadside boat inspections, decontaminations and regular monitoring of Saskatchewan’s busy waterbodies.”


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