Quit Carping and Go Catch Some (or at least leave alone those who do)

A good friend and longtime SDFish regular called to share concern he had as the result of a recent fishing experience.  I will add that my friend is an outstanding angler who is one of the most passionate fishermen I have ever known.  To his credit in my view is that he is as happy seeing a bluegill tug at his bobber in a small pond as he is seeing a blue marlin strike a lure of his design in a professional tournament.


This past weekend he decided to treat his father to a fishing trip and the pair headed early to Lake Morenawhere one of the great pleasures they share is to catch carp on light tackle.  They are able to easily unhook and release the carp thanks to their use of long shank hooks which offer greater leverage in removing them and generally prevent gut hooking.


Fishing from the T-dock and using canned corn as bait, they happily enjoyed a carp fishing bonanza as carp after carp slurped up the kernels and when hooked took off on a run worthy of a Torrey Pines corbina.

After being observed releasing the carp they were catching, their enjoyment of the day was soon tarnished by an unlikely source when they were visited by a young Ranger who my friend as a regular visitor was not familiar with.

“It is illegal for you to release carp back into the lake,” he said, “you have to kill them.”  Click on the following sentence to access the full story.

The information came as a shock to my friend who religiously observes fishing regulations, and when he was younger worked in the San Diego City Lakes’ Program where much of his time was spent as an assistant to a biologist.


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