Park Service Proposes Methods to Control Invasives in Grand Canyon

Rising numbers of invasive brown trout and green sunfish in the Colorado River downstream of Glen Canyon Dam have spurred the National Park Service to propose a range of new actions to control those and other non-native aquatic species in Glen Canyon and Grand Canyon.

But a few of the ideas, including long-term electrofishing and the introduction of more non-native fish to the river, are drawing concern from fishing and environmental organizations as well as the Arizona Game and Fish Department.  Click on the following paragraph to access the full story.

“There is a range of alternatives we are looking at. We are really open at this point and have tried to be very inclusive,” Billerbeck said. “As we hear back from the public and conduct our analysis then we will likely weed through those actions and may weed out some of them. We also might get a few new ideas.”


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