No Evidence Of Invasive Mussels After Divers Scour Tiber Reservoir

Scuba divers from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have spent the past three days in north-central Montana, scouring the waters of Tiber Dam for any signs of aquatic invasive mussels.

Last October, a juvenile mussel was found in a water sample from Tiber Reservoir by the Bureau of Reclamation, and suspicious samples were discovered in Canyon Ferry Reservoir, near Townsend. Since then, the state has ramped up its efforts to stave off a potentially destructive infestation of non-native quaqqa and zebra mussels.  Click on the following paragraph to access the full story.

This team of five divers was brought in by the request of Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks to search underwater for visual or tactile confirmation of adult mussels. Tiber Reservoir was the first water body in the state to ever test positive for quagga or zebra mussels. A juvenile mussel, or “veliger,” was found last fall, so state officials are trying to determine if an adult population has been established.


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