New York’s Warren County Awarded $600,000 to Combat Milfoil

Warren County plans to use a $600,000 state grant over the next three years to help eradicate invasive species in Lake George.

Warren County Planning Director Wayne LaMothe said the county applied for the grant as part of a regional approach to treating and eliminating invasive species from Lake George, such as Eurasian watermilfoil.

“There are some dense beds to be addressed with this program,” LaMothe said.

The grant was part of the state’s Regional Economic Development Council program, that saw the region net $85 million in grants, subsidies and additional economic incentives last week.  Click on the following paragraph to access the full story.

The county is partnering in the invasive species eradication program with the municipal governments along Lake George, as well as non-municipal partners, such as the Lake George Park Commission, Lake George Association and the Fund for Lake George.


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