Minnesota DNR Tagging Invasive Carp

The Minnesota Legislature has given the DNR the authority to use new research tool

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has captured a bighead carp and, for the first time in the state, tagged it to learn more about invasive carp.

After a period of acoustic telemetry tracking to learn more about its range and other behaviors, the tagged invasive carp will be removed from the water and euthanized. The data will increase the DNR’s ability to capture invasive carp when they enter Minnesota waters.  Click on the following quote to access the full story.

“This new tool is another proactive step Minnesota is taking to prevent the spread of invasive species,” DNR invasive fish coordinator Nick Frohnauer said. “The more we can learn about these species, the more effectively we can continue to minimize their potential impact, with the help of Minnesotans who use rivers for business or recreation.”


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