Louisiana Fights Giant Salvinia on Lake Bistineau

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is taking an aggressive integrated pest management strategy to control giant salvinia on Lake Bistineau. The strategy involves a three-pronged approach including chemical, mechanical and biological methods to manage continued growth of the invasive plant.

Biological efforts include the stocking of salvinia weevils in areas of the lake heavily infested with the plant. In June, the department hosted a “weevil day” and provided salvinia weevils to Bistineau property owners who distributed the weevils near their property. Through this effort, volunteers released 115,200 weevils. In 2017 alone, the department stocked at total of 180,855 salvinia weevils in Lake Bistineau.  Click on the following paragraph to access the full story.

LDWF has utilized mechanical drawdowns for salvinia control on the lake since 2008. This method involves removing water from the lake to dry out large expanses of the plant. The 2017 drawdown began on May 1. This control method has the potential of removing large quantities of giant salvinia at low cost, reducing large areas of growth simultaneously, and works particularly well in drying giant salvinia stranded along the shoreline.


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