Kentucky and the Midwest’s Burgeoning Asian Carp Market

In western Kentucky, a new business agreement between a Wickliffe fishery and a Chinese technology company could mean more jobs for the region.

Two Rivers Fisheries President Angie Yu said the business will start using a new immersion freezing technique from Jiangsu Rentian Agricultural Technology Company. Yu said the new technique will cut down the time it takes to freeze Asian carp while increasing food quality.

“It would take six to eight hours to get a fish frozen. With this new technology we can just freeze the fish in twenty minutes,” Yu said. “The taste is exactly the same as a fresh one [fish].”  Yu said the technique may triple production and create more jobs, starting with a new shift of ten to sixteen workers.  Click on the following six links to see how a growing environmental problem may turn into an economic opportunity for entrepreneurs with a vision.

Yu said Two Rivers has exported more than two million pounds of fish this year and expects to meet a goal of four million by January.

“I think we can move a lot of Asian carp from the region’s water and help to clean the water system… We try to remove these carp, we try to increase the export and also we increase the local jobs,” said Yu.

More than  2 million lbs of Aisan Carp came out of the lakes in 2016, according to Brooks. “Our short term goal is 5 million lbs,.” 

Another US-based businessman is in the process of securing a site on the Illinois River to set up a Asian carp export business.

The Two River company, started in 2012 by longtime importer and exporter Angie Yu, has signed a $40m agreement with Jiangsu Rentian Agricultural Technology, a Chinese company, to provide its “immersion freezing technique” that she says will multiply that.

Is Asian Carp the new white meat for pets? 


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