Invasive Fish – Captured on Video, Again and Again

Before I saw a video on YouTube, I had never seen anyone catch a pacu. The pacu is a fish native to the Amazon region in South America. Related to the piranha but not a maneater like its cousin, the pacu can grow to 80 pounds. It’s also a hard fighter.

The fisherman in the video spots the pacu while pursuing another species. He grabs his bass rod and presents a white, soft-plastic jig to the fish. It pays off. The pacu grabs the lure and takes off on a tear.

In the video, on light tackle with eight-pound test line, the angler must take his time fighting the pacu, which looks to be close to six pounds. The roundish, dull gray fish makes a dozen or so runs before the angler finally guides it into the landing net. He holds up his quarry for the camera, smiling proudly after winning the confrontation with his line still intact.  Click on the following sentence to access the full story.

The astonishing thing about the video is that the angler is not fishing some backwater lagoon of the Amazon basin. He’s fishing a backyard Florida lake in a suburb of Miami. Fishing for exotic, non-native species has become so common in the region that southern Florida has been dubbed “Little South America.”


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