Wisconsin Community Looks to Improve Lake

Fisherman in Necedah may soon have more accurate information on the lake.

The Village Board of Necedah heard a presentation by Sara Hatleli of Aquatic Plant and Habitat Services, on Dec. 4.

In 2014, there were concerns about the Necedah pond having too much vegetation. Hatleli was contacted and applied for a grant. In 2015, the improvement plan “was broadened it from just a discussion about the pond, to Lake Necedah as well,” Hatleli said. “So we did an aquatic survey of the lake.”

The results of the survey found that “about 50 percent of the points that were surveyed had vegetation.”

The Aquatic Plant Management Plan is scheduled to be conducted during Spring 2018.

Hatleli said the map they had produced would also be useful to fisherman. Necedah Village President Scott Carter said if lake maps where to be sold he was “sure residents would buy them.”  Click on the following sentence to access the full story.

Aquatic invasive species management is a core goal of the plan. The plan will include watercraft inspections in order to “make sure no invasive species are being brought in or leaving the lake,” Hatleli said.


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