What’s for dinner in Niagara Falls? An Artistic Response to the Invasive Species Problem

It is all there in black and white for everyone to see out front of the Niagara Falls History Museum.

The thing is, not all is as it seems. What appears to be an everyday fish market is different. This one trades in invasive species like zebra mussels, Asian carp and round goby.

“We even have (comb) jellyfish out there now (in the Great Lakes),” said Adam Buller, who put together the art installation along with Katie Webb and other members of the Brainkite Artistic Solutions team. The installation, which depicts a pair of fishmongers hawking their wares, was created as an installation for the Niagara Falls Night of Art last month and will remain on display for the next couple of weeks.  Click on the following paragraph to access the full story.

“We wanted to do something eye-catching,” he said. “Something that could stay outside a while. We wanted something to evoke an old style.”  Using invasive species as subject matter, Buller said, was deliberate.


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