Threatening the Great Lakes

The principle a doctor is supposed to follow in dealing with patients is, “first, do no harm.” The most valuable natural resource this state and region has is undoubtedly the Great Lakes. They contain twenty percent of the world’s surface fresh water. They mean billions of dollars every year in recreational boating and fishing and other activities.

Damage them beyond repair, and we are finished. You would think if “first, do no harm” ought to apply anywhere, it would be here. But that’s not how we’ve been acting.  Click on the following paragraph to access the full story.

We also know that Enbridge owned a pipeline that broke near the Kalamazoo River seven years ago, and that the company at first mishandled the crisis, which eventually cost more than a billion dollars to clean up. Pipeline 5 needs to be taken out of service today. But the politicians dither, and we and all future generations are being put at needless risk.  And if that wasn’t bad enough, the legislature has now passed a horrible bill that would certainly put the lakes, and again all of us, at increased risk from invasive species. 


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