Non-native species slowly spreading throughout Canada’s Ontario province, experts say

Step aside zebra mussels and phragmites, another foreign invader is lurking beneath the surface of Southwestern Ontario’s lakes and streams — a little umbrella-shaped creature that’s making people who see it do a double take.

They’re freshwater jellyfish, a non-native species that’s been spotted in Port Dover, Norfolk County, Welland, Fort Erie and in lakes and streams across central Ontario. Though the small and slimy translucent animals are a rare sight, one thing is clear: they’re here to stay.  Click on the following sentence to access the full story.

The ministry believes the jellyfish, whose proper name is Craspedacusta sowerbii, were stowaways on aquatic plants imported to Europe in the 1800s before they hitched a ride to Philadelphia in boat ballast water.


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