Great Waters Research Collaborative Launched

The University of Wisconsin Lake Superior Research Institute has announced the launch of the Great Waters Research Collaborative.

The project is designed to assess the effectiveness of tools to accomplish sustainable industrial and commercial use of the nation’s waterways especially when it comes to shipping.

The immediate focus of the project is a study of the ballast water management systems at preventing the introduction of aquatic invasive species by commercial cargo ships.  Click on the following two links below to access the full story.

The collaborative team will include researchers from the University of Minnesota Duluth’s Natural Resource Research Institute and AMI Consulting Engineers.

“We are excited to continue our objective performance evaluations of technologies and policies designed to protect Great Waters such as the Great Lakes,” Cangelosi said. “We focus our evaluations not only on prospective BWMS, but also the type approval protocols used for approving BWMS, and the ballast water discharge standards, themselves, to help improve understanding of their capacity to protect the Great Lakes and other Great Waters. 


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