Are You Gifting an Aquarium for the Holidays?

An exciting gift option for the holidays is an aquarium. Aquariums bring nature indoors and provide value and enjoyment to a home. Filled with exotic and easy-to-maintain plants and animals, aquarium keeping is an attractive and educational hobby for all ages to enjoy. However, it is important to keep in mind the life expectancy of new pets when making purchasing decisions. For example, red eared slider turtles can easily live more than 20 years in the right conditions. The menacing-looking pacu, a tropical aquarium fish, has been caught by anglers in Lake St. Clair. Unsuspecting pet owners sometimes release their unwanted aquariums into lakes and streams when they can no longer care for them, under the assumption that it is a humane decision.  Click on the following paragraph to access the full story.

While many aquarium plants and animals will not survive Michigan’s climate, they can have short-term impacts. Most aquarium species available for purchase are not native, and if let loose into the wild, may become an invasive species, outcompeting our native flora and fauna for food, space and resources and ultimately causing environmental and economic harm.


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