Emerging Aliens Threaten New Zealand’s Environment

Emerging aliens threaten New Zealand’s environment

New Zealand’s environment and primary industries are under threat from pests we don’t even know about yet.

That’s the message from Professor Philip Hulme of the Bio-Protection Research Centre, based at Lincoln University.

Professor Hulme was part of a large international collaboration of scientists that analysed 46,000 recorded sightings of invasive animal and plant species around the world. Their research* showed that one in every four new pest incursions were from species that had never before been recorded as being invasive.  Click on the following paragraph to access the full story.

Prof Hulme says we may be entering a new era for biosecurity as we face an increasing wave of unknown emerging pest species. “We need to make sure our biosecurity system is sufficiently flexible and well-resourced to deal with unexpected incursions by species we probably will know nothing about,” says Professor Hulme.


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