Ecological Extinction Task Force – It’s time to save Delaware’s ecosystem

If Sen. Stephanie Hansen and members of the Ecological Extinction Task Force have it their way, Delawareans will be offered incentives to buy and plant native species and businesses will face a phased-in ban on the sale of invasive plants.

A report by the task force unveiled Tuesday warns that the increase of invasive plant species and a rapid decline of wildlands are causing severe damage to the state’s ecosystem.

The Middletown lawmaker called on government, businesses and individuals alike to help fix the problem.  Click on the following paragraph to access the full story.

The Ecological Extinction Task Force’s final recommendations to slow and reverse the loss of Delaware’s native plant and animal species were unveiled during a press conference at Ashland Nature Center. The task force was convened because nearly half of Delaware’s native plants are either threatened or are already gone from the state.   More specifically, the state of Delaware is currently experiencing a 20 percent loss of the state’s fish species. A statewide ecological extinction task force has been established to study the trend and make recommendations to reverse the trend.


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