Cold Weather Beats Back Southern Threats

This season it’s hard to find a warm lining, let alone a silver one after the recent stretch of days with subzero wind chills.

But in fact, this cold weather, though challenging for us and our native birds and animals, is a bane to those southern invasive species that have been making so many inroads into our environment.

Our natural northern species adapt well and sustain through the coldest snaps, but those hitchhikers, freeloaders, and windborne migrants whose genesis was in a southern, or especially a tropical clime, are probably dead now.  Click on the following sentence to access the full story.

One can only hope that our recent stretch of arctic cold will have some effect on slowly down the attack of these and many more species that may find the subzero cold a challenge.  Our native species have unique ways to deal with the cold, and actually thrive better when the competition is diminished.


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