Biosecurity knowledge needed to tackle Malaysia’s invasive alien species

Enforcing biosecurity to protect local aquatic species from invasive alien species has taken a new twist.

Officers from the Fisheries Department are now arming themselves with knowledge to identify the invaders even at the fry stage.

They are now even suggesting that a certified biosecurity laboratory should conduct DNA profiling of invasive species that has the potential of destroying the local species and upset the ecosysstem balance.

The department, in acknowledging the potential threat, is training its enforcement team to identify the invasive and predatory species, including fishes, crustaceans and plants.  Click on the following sentence to access the full story.

Sources from the department said fishermen and anglers had landed peacock bass and several species of cichlids, which are not native to Malaysia and they believe that these species were initially released in old mining pools for sport fishing but the fishes escaped into nearby rivers during floods.


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