Zebra Mussel Incident at Nebraska Fishing Tournament is reminder to clean equipment

A recent incident at central Nebraska’s Calamus Reservoir is a reminder for all water users — especially boaters — to clean, drain and dry their equipment after every use.

A catfish tournament at Calamus attracted anglers from several states.

A Nebraska Game and Parks Commission aquatic invasive species technician inspected the boat of a nonresident participant and discovered zebra mussel shells in the boat live well. The boat previously had been on a Kansas reservoir, and blue catfish caught there apparently regurgitated adult zebra mussels in the live well.  Click on the following sentence to access the full story.

Boaters should drain all water from their boat, including gas motors (tilt the motor up and down to help drain water from the lower unit). Use a towel to speed the drying of other areas on a boat, such as the live well. Boaters who plan to launch into a different water body within five days should spray all water storage areas with vinegar to assist in killing any young, microscopic mussels that might be present.


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