Wisconsin Community Finds that the Best Means of Prevention is Following the Clean Boats, Clean Waters Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers steps

A new invasive species was found in Stratton Lake this summer – the Asian clam.  Asian clams (Corbicula fluminea) are a prohibited species in Wisconsin meaning there are only a few “pioneer populations.”

On Aug. 5, Wisconsin held its statewide Snapshot Day.  Volunteers checked public access points on lakes and rivers throughout Wisconsin for aquatic invasive species.

Stratton Lake’s public boat launch was one of the sites searched, the examination of the access led to the discovery of Asian clams.  Click on the following paragraph to access the full story.

To prevent further spread of Asian clams and other invasive species, people should inspect their boats and equipment for plants, animals and mud, remove any offenders, and drain all water from the boat, including the livewell.


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