‘Very Troubling’ – Quagga Mussels Found at Colorado’s Green Mountain Reservoir in Silverthorne

A mussel that can cause severe environmental damage is causing issues for boaters in Colorado.

The quagga mussel revealed itself in mid-August at Green Mountain Reservoir north of Silverthorne.

green mountain reservoir 2 Very Troubling: Quagga Mussels Found At Mountain Reservoir
Green Mountain Reservoir (credit: CBS)

Monitoring conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation found the creature’s larvae there and officials with Colorado Parks and Wildlife called the discovery “very troubling.”  Click on the following two sentences to access the full story.

If quagga mussels get established, they have the ability to drastically alter local ecosystems, degrade water quality and severely damage costly dam structures. Officials at the reservoir are now beefing up boat inspections and testing.


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