A Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers Gratitude List – Happy Thanksgiving!

With the holiday season just around the corner, a lot of us are thinking about what we’re grateful for.  For some of us, this year might seem a bit harder to find things to be thankful for than in the past; however after reflecting, here are a few things for the conservation-minded among us to give thanks for…

  • Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers empowers us as individuals to reduce our footprint and clean our equipment so we don’t spread aquatic invasive species.  As one of these individuals, I’m glad I can help to prevent the impacts of these harmful species and enable others to enjoy our natural resources.
  • Federal, state and local government agencies, conservation and environmental NGOs, quasi-governmental organizations, private sector environmental services firms, outdoor industry brands, outdoor retailers, outdoor writers and conservation media, conservation researchers, hunters, anglers and other outdoor recreation enthusiasts can come together to create a powerful network of passionate people who are committed to conserving our natural resources.  Working for a federal agency, I’m grateful that my agency is able to connect with these passionate people and work with them to conserve our resources.
  • Public lands are unique to United States and they provide an incredible base for people to pursue their favorite outdoor activity, whether it is hunting, fishing, wildlife watching, kayaking, hiking, camping, walking or tuning out all of the chaos and change of our modern lifestyles.  I’m grateful that America values wide open spaces, iconic fish and wildlife species and place-based conservation and entrusts government agencies to manage these lands for multiple uses and outdoor recreation values.


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