Stop Aquatic Hitchhiker Contractor Influenced Many Lives

Sharon Rushton, a trailblazer and outdoors advocate, passed away May 16 after an extended battle with cancer.

Rushton’s work in the outdoors influenced many lives, both young and old, male and female. Berkley (now Pure Fishing) hired Rushton as the founding executive director for the Future Fisherman Foundation (FFF), an organization dedicated to ensuring the future of fishing.

Under the FFF umbrella, Rushton developed the award-winning Hooked on Fishing — Not on Drugs youth program, which was recognized by three U.S. Presidents and implemented in schools in more than 20 states.  Click on the following two paragraphs to access the full story.

In addition, Rushton produced student manuals for sport fishing and aquatic resources, supervised the development of the National 4-H Sport Fishing Program, and co-wrote the Fishing Fun for Kids booklet, which sold more than two million copies and appeared on a cereal box.

She later formed her own company and co-developed the Best Practices Workbook for Boating, Fishing and Aquatic Resource Stewardship Education for the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation, helped implement the Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers! campaign for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, was involved with the development of the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies’ Conservation Education Strategy, and helped develop the National Shooting Sports Foundations’s Step Outside program, whereby an outdoorsman invited a non-outdoorsman to participate in an outdoors shooting activity.


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