Launch Steward Stops Notorious Aquatic Hitchhiker from entering Maryland’s Deep Creek Lake

An aquatic crisis was averted earlier this month, thanks to the watchful eye of a launch steward at Deep Creek Lake State Park.

According to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, the steward was conducting a standard, voluntary inspection of an inboard ski boat on July 9 when he found what appeared to be a zebra mussel on a piece of Eurasian watermilfoil in the vessel’s intake system.  Click on the following paragraph to access the full story.

“Aquatic invasive species are an ever-present threat to Maryland’s vast network of waterways, be it our bays, lakes, streams, or rivers,” said Bruce Michael, DNR, Resource Assessment Service director. “These invasive hitchhikers can impair economically important and environmentally sensitive ecosystems, such as Deep Creek Lake. The Launch Steward program worked well, but it is ultimately everyone’s responsibility to care for the environment by thoroughly cleaning and drying boats, gear, and trailers before they enter the water.”


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