August 2017

Today, we get news from many different sources; our phones, our computers, the television and radio. Instead of trying to keep up with this endless cycle of news, we’ve tried to capture a broad overview of the most urgent news and keep our partners informed about new updates to the campaign. Please check out the four sections: What’s Hot, Campaign Updates, General and Species Specific News to stay on top of the important news and how people are preventing invasive species.

What's Hot

Wyoming Cautions Boaters to Get AIS Inspection before Eclipse-Viewing from Lakes

To enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime-experience, boaters can prepare by making sure their boats are ready to launch with an aquatic invasive species (AIS) decal and inspection as well as safety equipment. Some of the most popular boating destinations in Wyoming lie in the path of the total solar eclipse that will be visible on Aug. 21. […]

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General News

The Past and Future of the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal

Civil Engineering embodies the making of grand things — like dams and bridges, highways and canals — that are the infrastructure of modern civilization. One such project in the United States is the Chicago Ship Canal, a 28-mile long construct, opened in the late 19th century to connect the Chicago River to the Des Plaines River, to reverse direction of […]

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Species Specific News

Mussels headed B.C.’s way

Five boats said to be infested with invasive mussels were stopped before reaching the Okanagan. Okanagan WaterWise released an initial report, Monday, on the inspection of boats headed into the province.  According to the report, 15 boats entering B.C. were confirmed to have been infested with either adult quagga or zebra mussels. Seven of those […]

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Campaign Updates