July 2017

Today, we get news from many different sources; our phones, our computers, the television and radio. Instead of trying to keep up with this endless cycle of news, we’ve tried to capture a broad overview of the most urgent news and keep our partners informed about new updates to the campaign. Please check out the four sections: What’s Hot, Campaign Updates, General and Species Specific News to stay on top of the important news and how people are preventing invasive species.

What's Hot

Alternate Solution Proposed to Army Corps’ Great Lakes Invasive Species Plan

Congress ordered the Army Corps of Engineers to find a way to prevent aquatic invasive species from passing from the Mississippi River to the Great Lakes Basin, and the reverse. For years, officials have feared that Asian carp would make their way from the Mississippi system into Lake Michigan. There has been more than one […]

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General News

Two Canadian MPs urge action to combat aquatic invasive species

Two Okanagan MPs are urging the federal government to support initiatives to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species. MP Mel Arnold of North Okanagan-Shuswap and MP Dan Albas of Central Okanagan-Similkameen sent a letter to Fisheries Minister Dominic Leblanc, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale and Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, asking for federal resources to […]

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Species Specific News

Slimy green blob invades the Columbia River in Tri-Cities

I was at the boat dock at the west end of Columbia Park watching fellow angler Bill Smith of Kennewick pulling his boat out of the water after spending a few hours fishing for salmon near Bateman Island. As he peered several feet into the water over the back of his boat, he saw something […]

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Campaign Updates

Manitou Pontoon Boats – Featured Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers Partner

Ever wander into a lake only to be greeted by the sharp edge of a Zebra Mussel? We’re not surprised. If you live near a natural body of water, you are probably very familiar with this type of invasive species. Not only are these widespread and pesky creatures annoying for boaters, unsuspecting barefoot beach-goers, and […]

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