April 2017

Today, we get news from many different sources; our phones, our computers, the television  and radio. Instead of trying to keep up with this endless cycle of news, we’ve tried to capture a broad overview of the most urgent news and keep our partners informed about new updates to the campaign. Please check out the four sections: What’s Hot, Campaign Updates, General and Species Specific News to stay on top of the important news and how people are preventing invasive species.

What's Hot

Louisiana Business Group Questions Plan to Stop Spread of Invasive Fish

Louisiana’s most powerful business lobby is asking the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to consider the toll on the shipping industry when evaluating measures aimed at stopping the spread of Asian carp. The call for added scrutiny, by the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry (LABI), comes at a time when carp appear to be expanding their range […]

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General News

Tiburon Research Shows Bay Invaders Flail in Fresh Water

Last winter’s drought-busting wet weather was a boon for reservoirs and parched landscapes, but not so much for some invasive species in San Francisco Bay, according to a long-term study by Tiburon-based researchers. All that fresh water that poured into the bay was bad news for certain invaders, which have turned up in droves in […]

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Species Specific News

Dutch Lake (BC) Town Council Supports Tougher Action on Mussels

It would be catastrophic to this area if a waterbody such as Dutch Lake were to be infested with quagga or zebra mussels, according to councillor Shelley Sim. She was speaking in favor of a request from District of Sicamous for a letter of support for a resolution submitted to Union of BC Municipalities for […]

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Campaign Updates

Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers – 2017 – A Year in Review

Going on its 16th year, the Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers campaign has weathered many storms and has seen a lot of changes.  From a campaign perspective, the brand has evolved, a new website has been created and the Fish and Wildlife Service continues to add value to its national leadership role in working with partners big […]

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