In The News

Today, we get news from many different sources; our phones, our computers, the television  and radio. Instead of trying to keep up with this endless cycle of news, we’ve tried to capture a broad overview of the most urgent news and keep our partners informed about new updates to the campaign. Please check out the four sections: What’s Hot, Campaign Updates, General and Species Specific News to stay on top of the important news and how people are preventing invasive species.

What's Hot

Process of Elimination (Eradicating Invasive Species)

Karl Campbell a craftsman bedeviled by bad tools. He’s a middle-aged, medium-size, muscular Australian with a five-day beard and an intense gaze who seems perpetually coiled, even angry, when at rest. He’s smiling and relaxed only when his body is in motion—preferably fixing something, building something, or killing something. His craft—and his mission—is saving as many […]

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General News

Malta Unveils Invasive Fish Smartphone Apps

Spot the Jellyfish and Spot the Alien Fish smart phone apps will soon be launched through an ongoing collaboration between Alan Deidun from the Department of Geosciences at the University of Malta, who coordinates the two campaigns, and students from Mcast who developed the apps as part of their final year projects. The apps are […]

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Species Specific News

The Politics, Personalities and Sovereignty Surrounding Asian Carp

Once again leaders from other Great Lakes states are trying to move Illinois toward their preferred plan to deal with Asian carp in the Illinois River.   But Congressman Darin LaHood says that Illinois has a handle on Asian carp, and doesn’t need to be pushed, pulled, or told what direction to go. A group of […]

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Campaign Updates

Cleaning, Draining and Drying Properly in Idaho

The Idaho State Department of Agriculture holds a watercraft inspector training at County West in Twin Falls for two days to prevent invasive species from coming into the state. According to the state invasive species coordinator, three stations in southern Idaho will start Feb. 17, a little earlier than other stations in the state. “They […]

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