In The News

Today, we get news from many different sources; our phones, our computers, the television and radio. Instead of trying to keep up with this endless cycle of news, we’ve tried to capture a broad overview of the most urgent news and keep our partners informed about new updates to the campaign. Please check out the four sections: What’s Hot, Campaign Updates, General and Species Specific News to stay on top of the important news and how people are preventing invasive species.

What's Hot

Secretary Zinke Announces Initiatives to Protect Western Ecosystems and Hydroelectric Facilities from Invasive Mussels

U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke today praised a package of actions and initiatives developed through collaboration with western governors and federal, state and Tribal agencies to protect areas in the West from the economic and ecological threats posed by invasive mussels. A team of more than 70 federal, state, and tribal government officials […]

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General News

Outpouring of Support for Preserving Great Lakes

Several communities in the Muskegon area and around Michigan will participate in an event aimed to raise awareness for the preservation of the Great Lakes. More than 60 communities in six states, including Michigan, will link hands by the water and discuss ways to preserve the Great Lakes during the All Hands On Deck event […]

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Species Specific News

WIU students research growing trend of massive Asian carp in the Mississippi

Western Illinois students working at the  Kibbe Biological Research Station in Warsaw, Illinois for the summer are fishing for answers in the Mississippi River. They are trying to explain why they are finding more and more groups of large Asian carp in New Boston Bay and near the Quad City Area. “We frequently get 40 […]

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Campaign Updates

Tips to Stop the Spread of Invasive Species

If you’re planning on taking your boat out on the water this summer, area experts want to remind you it’s important to check your boat and trailer for possible hitchhikers. Moving boats from different lakes can be hazardous to lakes and rivers because of invasive species. By keeping your boat clean every time you enter […]

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